Wednesday, June 11, 2014

4-6 people killed

Country: Pakistan
Location: Tabi Tolkhel, North Waziristan
Deaths: 4-6 people
Bureau Summary: The first drone strike in almost six months reportedly hit a house and vehicle. Early reports put the death toll at three, rising to 'at least four' and as many as six people had died. An intelligence official said the drone targeted a pick-up truck parked against the outer wall of a housing compound, setting both on fire. But locals told NBC that the vehicle had been driving through the village when it came under attack, and the damage to buildings may have been unintended: 'Two nearby houses were partially damaged in the missile strikes, but the target was the truck,' said resident Yar Mohammad. (Read more)

Made by @joshbegley. Data from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.