Wednesday, April 17, 2013

4-5 people killed

Country: Yemen
Location: Wessab, Dhammar Province
Deaths: 4-5 people
Bureau Summary: Five alleged al Qaeda militants were killed in the first US drone strike in almost three months. Journalist and activist Farea al Muslimi, a native of Wessab, contested the depiction of al Radami as an al Qaeda commander, although he also reported the view that al Rademi could easily have been arrested. Al Muslimi posted updates to Twitter from Sanaa as information came to him from friends and family in Wessab. And he said most people he spoke to said al Radami was not a part of AQAP. Al Muslimi: "In an area like Wessab, there is nothing easier than capturing a man like al-Radmi. Two police officers would have been more than capable of arresting him." (Read more)

Made by @joshbegley. Data from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.